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Hi ghost town! I have not been around because all my energy and time have been consumed by SWITCHING JOBS.

Let me tell you all about it. )


Aug. 13th, 2015 10:44 pm
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Oh my gooooooood

It is 10:45, I am so tired I can literally not see straight, but I have this possible job opportunity, IDK, not that I mind my current job but this could really be pretty exciting, so I am trying to get a resume together by tomorrow. I haven't updated my resume in six years. I HAVE DONE A LOT OF SHIT OVER THE PAST SIX YEARS.

What are words
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Back to work. Nine glorious, glorious societally sort of approved hours in which I won't be headbutted, clawed at, screamed at, bitten, elbowed in soft places, have my eyeballs poked at or my glasses ripped off, or need to wipe shit off anyone. If I had just remembered my Sudafed, I'd be a happy camper.

My mom's all "What a shame you have to go back for just the one day! How stupid!" I'm like, you have no idea.

Of course the daycare isn't open yet so all honor to Mr. E who gets more vacation than I do: so is home with the little monkeys. Every silver lining's got a cloud.
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Okay, I have to share this story. It is a secondhand story, as I wasn't personally there, but I got it directly from my friend, so I believe it.

So I have this friend who works at one of our many fine local tech companies. And he recently, at work, ran into a dude he used to work with years ago at a different one of our many fine local tech companies. And my friend said oh hi, guy! When did you start working here? And the other guy said, Just hired. And my friend said, oh really, how'd that go? And the guy said, Well, I failed the phone screen, but I kind of rejected that and got an in-person interview, and that went well and so I just started.

And my friend said…back up. How do you reject failing a phone screen?

And the other guy said, Oh well, when I called to follow up, the HR person told me that I just didn't have enough experience, because my experience at Cisco wasn't relevant to the job I was interviewing for.

And I said, look. I design [ubiquitous and versatile type of hardware]. That's what I do. I didn't know anything about [purpose of projects I worked on at Cisco] before I started on those projects. I didn't know anything about [purpose of projects they had worked on together at Ye Olde Tech Company] before we started working on that. It doesn't matter, I explained, if you know how to design [that type of hardware] you pick the rest of it up as you go along.

And that worked? my friend asked.

And now I work here, the guy confirmed.


In conclusion, fuck your impostor syndrome, the guys out there aren't dragging that shit around, and may I recommend once again Ask For It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want. Think I'll put it on the reread pile myself.


Jan. 9th, 2012 12:29 pm
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Oh coworker. I fully sympathize with your desire to make long personal phone calls on company time. And yet. Is the multi-stall bathroom really the best location? Have you adequately considered the issue of, um, background noise? Not to mention the psychological effect you may be having on your suittemates who are shy of bladder?
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This weekend I had a lovely and enjoyable brunch with [ profile] laurenhat. We talked about the books we were reading: me, Necessary Dreams: Ambition in Women's Changing Lives (recommended to me years ago by Sumana Harihareswara); her, Ask For It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want.

It turned out to be an extremely well-timed conversation as I had been meaning to have a talk with my boss about various things and had really been not looking forward to it. I immediately bought Ask For It on the Kindle app, read it, and now feel as though I have strategies with which to approach the situation. In fact, the reason I am still awake is because I am, as the book discusses, doing my homework in preparation for my negotiation. While I must beware of procrastinating - it is a terrible weakness of mine - procrastination is different from taking the time to marshal my facts and think through options and decide what I want and what I am willing to accept and what I have to bargain with and so on. And it feels good to take my time and not feel rushed into trying to have conversations before I know what I want to say.

It is also good to remember that, negotiating from the wrong end of a power imbalance is never fun, but negotiating in itself is not evil. There are plenty of times in my relationship when We Have To Talk, not because things are awful, but because from time to time you have to check in and make course corrections to prevent things from becoming Awful. Ideally way before they are anywhere near Awful. It seems reasonable that this sort of thing might be necessary at work, too!
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  • Mr. E got me Schweddy Balls! Mmm, boycotted ice cream is the best ice cream.

  • Overnight this kid has become a tiny chatterbox. It's still the pre-babbling stage, but he is working it. It's adorable. He's adorable.

  • One of my smart flisters just made an interesting but sadly locked post about narratives of desire, and the way that longing and desire are always projected onto girls. You know how it is: could be Beatrice (Dante's or Lemony Snicket's, take your pick) or the latest Manic Pixie Dream Girl, but that unfulfillable existential longing always gets incarnated in girls in the Official Media.

    But! We are not bound by that around here! We, my friends, we have fanfic! If there is one thing slash writers have down, it is the concept of men as objects of desire! Help me come up with some recs? Stories about the desirability of men, desiring men, why we desire them, what we desire about them, and how that yearning gets fulfilled - or not?

  • If you haven't kept up with the fuckup and what's been going on with Pinboard, [ profile] jedusaur has been pulling together some amazing stuff.

  • I am back at work! It is weird. I miss the baby greatly. OTOH, it is strangely easier to think when he is not around. I like feeling competent. I like drafting! I do not like some of the things that have been going on in my absence due to the fact that we hired new people and then apparently did not give them nearly enough instruction in the company standards. *facepalm* Project for myself: figure out if I have enough power to FIX SHIT, and if not, acquire it somehow.

  • Have you read the last book in the Ender's Game series? Not like [personal profile] snarp read it, you haven't.


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