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Oh man! Remember me? I used to be around here sometimes.

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American domestic policy...

Conservatives care who you're fucking but not if you're starving. Liberals care if you're starving but not who you're fucking. Libertarians don't care either way. Who cares both ways? missing a quadrant.
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Looks like it got called while we were brushing the baby's teeth and putting him to bed. Well, you know how it is. Before election: feed baby, do laundry. After election: feed baby, do laundry.

And it looks like all the pro-rape guys lost, which makes me very happy.

It did start me wondering, though. That fact that you can't say the pro-rape Republican candidate lost, you have to specify which one. Now, as you know, the GOP ran a female candidate in the last presidential election, and they got their asses handed to them. I wonder if the party made a policy decision that trying to attract the female vote, or claim to be aligned with women's interests, or whatever the fuck they were trying to do with Sarah Palin, was a fool's game, and that this year, they were going to deliberately say the hell with women's concerns, we are going to demonize women and court only the male vote.

We'll know soon if anything like that happened, because if so, there's probably a lot of frustrated Republican strategists vowing tonight to never let any candidate mention another "women's issue" again. "Fuck it! You can't be for them! You can't be against them! From now on we're just going to pretend women don't even goddamn exist!"

why why why

Nov. 5th, 2012 08:10 pm
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Talked to my mom tonight.

Mom: "Remember to vote tomorrow!"
Me: "Oh, we already voted by mail."
Mom: "Oh. …..who did you vote for?"
Me: "Obama, of course."
Mom: "Oh. Really?"
Me: "Yes."
Mom: "Well, everybody here is very anxious about the election, but I was at [a friend]'s house last night and I told her not to worry. If Obama wins, he won't raise taxes on us, just on the rich people. And if Romney wins, he'll get us all lots of money."
Me: "Whaa. He'll do what now?"
Mom: "He'll make sure we all get lots of money."
Me: "No he won't."
Mom: "Yes, that's what he says he'll do."
Me: *cries on the inside*

And so Romney will take Texas.


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