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Congratulations! You're almost halfway through your pregnancy - only 91,422 weeks to go!

At 24 inches and 73 pounds, your baby is about the size of a widescreen TV. He's got a long way to go - remember, a healthy full-term baby will be about the size of the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale major metropolitan area. However, all his major systems and organs are already formed! Your baby has the ability to kick, roll over, wallow in his own urine, suck his thumb, and whine for crackers. Now his organs just need to grow larger and mature. And you may ask yourself, if everything is basically formed, why does he have to mature on the INSIDE of my abdominal muscles? I can totally create a warm and welcoming environment on the outside of my body, I will order some cute goddamn wall decals from Etsy or something. And the answer is, ahahahahaha sucks to be you, that's why.

Incidentally, if you ever plan to be pregnant and you want to keep that shit under wraps as long as possible - which you shouldn't have to, that's totally up to you, but especially if you plan to keep working people do treat you differently once they know you're pregnant and there can definitely be some advantages to keeping it to yourself, like for example not getting demoted from something like project manager to something more like head of stationery organization - do not even mess with empire waist blouses and crap like that until you are in your third trimester, when you won't have much choice anyway. The reason being that they make you look like you're in your third trimester when you're not even pregnant. What you want are some long loose cardigans of the kind that don't fasten at all but just have drapes in front. Basically you want to look like you have enormous labia down the front of your entire torso. You can totally hide a three months' belly behind that.

I went to the Junebug's daycare on Friday and like half the mothers of kids in his cohort are pregnant. The other half already have more than one kid. I guess it's that time - about two years apart. Nice to be painfully predictable, but at least we can greet each other with a grim fist in the air and a "Be strong, sister."
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Welp. My trousers gave up the unequal fight on Friday. I told my boss yesterday. This morning we told the Junebug that Mama had a baby in her belly. He poked my belly and said "Baby*!" It's probably time to tell the internet.

Hypo** is due to be released in September.

So, yes: originally I didn't want any kids. Then I decided I wanted one. Now I have decided that I want two. Possibly it's for the best that the inescapable realities of aging are going to cap it there. Not that I have any desire for three, mind you; but then, ten years ago, I didn't have any desire for one.

Part of it, of course, is that the Junebug is wonderful. In fact, that's what kills me: all I want is another Junebug! This little guy is so great! And that, of course, is the only thing I know for sure that I won't get, because as every single person with more than one kid tells me, every baby is different. I know that! I do! I'm just really sad about it!

But mostly it's that Mr. E has turned out to be such an amazing dad. I mean, to be real: we talked a lot about being equal parents, before the baby came, but a lot of guys talk a good game. You don't really know what someone's going to be like until they're in the middle of it. And he's been the best. He stays home with the Junebug one day a week. He makes his lunch to take to daycare every day. He puts him to bed half the time now that he's not nursing anymore. He stays home with the Junebug when the baby is sick. (When he's sick in advance. I'm the one who leaves work when he unexpectedly gets sick at daycare. That is the Deal. Turns out these Deals can take on Jackson's Whole-level importance, when you're negotiating how to raise a little dude.) We took shifts at night when the baby was tiny. He washed all the pumping stuff when I was pumping - that's a bigger deal than you may think. One, the time adds up, and two, I have eczema, so washing dishes is painful. I am so impressed with single parents now. I kind of think our country should not only give them a stipend but also possibly some kind of medal and and free babysitting and maybe special parking spaces. I would pay more taxes for that. I would say I can't imagine doing this alone but actually I can. Oh, I can. Vividly.

And yeah, there are downsides to everything, and we fight about all the Junebug's food and stuff because we're both so invested in raising our kid. But there's no other way I'd rather do it. So, to my surprise, I could totally see having another kid with this guy. And so we're gonna.

*One of the Junebug's daycare teachers has a new baby, 4 or 5 months old, and she's brought him in for the toddlers to see a couple of times. The Junebug knows his name and when I say his name says "Baby! Baby!" I'm very pleased he's learning about babies. Specifically, about being gentle with the baby.

**Hypo is short for "Hypothetical Baby To Be Named Later". I kind of hate it as a nickname, and it really won't work well eventually. But it's what we started calling the hypothetical baby when we were in discussions about whether there would even be another baby, hypothetically, and despite my best efforts to come up with an alternative, it's just…stuck.


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