Feb. 25th, 2016

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Science is wonderful. Medicine is wonderful. Back in the late Cretaceous, there were two things you could do for a cough:
  1. Codeine, which worked;
  2. Everything else, which did not work.
And since you probably don't want to give codeine to a tiny child unless there's no other choice, when tiny us got coughs, we just suffered through it. And, though I am not a neglectful parent I swear, I thought those were still the options. So though Rocket has been coughing and coughing at night, and it is just awful to hear, it doesn't actually wake him up. And he doesn't seem to mind it during the day. So we hadn't taken him to the doctor. Until he got a fever.

And holy shit y'all, now you take your tiny child to the doctor and they send you home with a six month supply of albuterol and a little nebulizer. Protip: tell the child the face mask is an astronaut mask. Ten minutes and the wheeze is gone. Just fantastic.
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  1. I have a work event tomorrow for which I will need business cards.
  2. I did plan ahead and bring extra cards with me, hurrah!
  3. But I have lost my business card holder.
  4. I will not contribute to the Flawlessly Competent Design Professional impression I hope to make by digging dog-eared business cards out of an overstuffed Harley Quinn wallet that won't even close.
  5. I have no way of getting a new business card holder before 8:30 am tomorrow.

I do love the internet sometimes.


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