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Roonil Wazlib rides again

ME: Hey Junebug, take a look at this card. Can you read what it says?

JUNEBUG: C-oh-n-gr- grat- grat-you-l-ah- lah-tee- oh- ens?

ME: Yeah, good! It says "Congratulations!" Do you remember Teacher Bruce? He was your teacher from daycare?


ME: You know he's Rocket's teacher now. Anyway, we just found out he got married, so I got him this card, and I want you to sign your name. We'll all sign our names. Teachers love to know that their old students remember them.

JUNEBUG: I'll write my nickname.

ME: Sure.

JUNEBUG: [carefully writes 'P', 'O', 'O']

ME: If you are writing "poop", I am about to be very angry.

JUNEBUG: [stops writing and visibly considers]
JUNEBUG: [carefully goes back and adds a curve to the bottom of the first capital 'P', turning it into a capital 'B']
JUNEBUG: My nickname is "Boop."

ME: Go to your room.
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[personal profile] thefourthvine 2017-02-28 10:19 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm laughing, but in a very sympathetic way?
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Good save!
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Every time this comes up on DW (as a result of my cmd-clicking the "Social" folder in my bookmarks bar), it makes me smile.

Just so you know.
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/me giggles uncontrollably, but in sympathy.
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Oh god, the family in-jokes about poop are endless at this point. One line that gets repeated so often I can hardly even remember the incident that started it is "'Poop' is always my answer!"
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aw, Junebug--but I would've said the same thing as you.
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Honestly the Boop recovery there sounds like it was smoother than I've ever managed!
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Methinks you are a great parent.
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Oh dear.
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AHAHAHAHA oh dear.