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metaphortunate son ([personal profile] metaphortunate) wrote2016-11-27 04:36 pm

Moana's grandmother

What I need now is fic about Moana’s grandmother.
Did anybody else think that the ocean chose Moana’s grandmother first? Way back in the day? She knew right where to find the boats, for some reason. She knew to bang the drum. I think that maybe the ocean chose her, when she was the headstrong young ingenue, and she took her boat across the reef, and she just did not find Maui, at all. Maybe she got pregnant instead, on some other adventure on the way, and decided that she needed to work on that instead. She can’t have found Maui or he would have mentioned it, or reacted in some different way, right? Anyway, so she went home, and I bet THAT wasn’t any fun, and she either became the chief or maybe she wasn’t allowed to be the chief because of being mysteriously pregnant from mysteries beyond the reef so she married a guy and he got to be the chief, or some such; and she still danced with the ocean, and umpteen years later, the ocean spits a green pebble at her granddaughter. It’s got to be like seeing your old flame flirting with your granddaughter, doesn’t it? Kind of bittersweet. Man, would I like to hear it from her point of view.

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