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metaphortunate son ([personal profile] metaphortunate) wrote2016-05-09 10:58 pm

call no man happy

This day, man. This fucking day.

Fucked up at work.
Fought with my mom.
Realized just how little headway I've been making against my student loans.
Bit the bullet and raised my monthly payment by…more than I want to.
Up too late figuring all that shit out.
Had a Personal Blood Issue, and that's all the detail you need.
Rocket had the crappiest day, poor sweetheart.

On the other hand…

Have cookies.
Went to a yoga class.
Took the kids to the library.
Had delicious Indian food for dinner.
Got a new jacket last week and I love it.
Mom has been making my favorite childhood foods.
Work has been fascinating and there is an exciting new project coming up.
The Junebug finally decided he wanted a haircut.

Actually that last one demands its own detail. He had this gorgeous long hair! I loved it! I loved that he was missing out on a lot of random boy gender role reinforcement! I loved that he wanted to have long hair! I am sad that he no longer has his gorgeous long hair and I can't put cute little braids in it anymore!

On the other hand…

No more hair in the food! No more hair in the eyes! No more trying to keep him from brushing his hair out of his eyes while he's in the middle of wiping his butt! No more having to condition his hair! No more wrestling with him to let me comb it and braid it on the train! Less beautiful, but more cute! Less striking, but MUCH less messy! Adorable cowlick! And - it has forced us to see him with new eyes. He looks like an entirely different person, and I'm looking at this little boy, and he is GREAT. I think I was kind of still annoyed with him for things that….he really doesn't do anymore? This has gotten me to really take a harder look at what he's like now, not a month ago! And I'm SO HAPPY with the way he is now.

You win some, you lose some. Or actually maybe sometimes you win AND lose the same ones?
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[personal profile] spuffyduds 2016-05-10 10:42 am (UTC)(link)
That is so much.
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[personal profile] wild_irises 2016-05-10 02:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Yecch on the day! (If that means you want to postpone lunch, of course that's fine.)

You never know about Rocket's hair. My nephew cut his long hair when he was four and it lasted maybe six months. He's now 18, and that time when he was four is the only time he hasn't had shoulder-plus-length hair. I love his hair with my whole heart, but I do remember that experience you're talking about, of seeing him differently when it was short.
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[personal profile] norah 2016-05-10 06:19 pm (UTC)(link)
I am so glad for your gladness and augh for your struggles and I send you many hugs. You have been juggling so many things, I am super impressed with you.