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What's the opposite of a pet peeve? Something that affects you all out of proportion to its real importance, but it makes you happy instead of annoying you? 

Was reminded today that one of mine is people who tell you "Have a blessed day!" except they pronounce it "blest", because they don't mean it like a Special God Word that has a special è in it, they just mean it like an ordinary word that is part of their ordinary vocabulary, because wishing good things on people, maybe even just people that they happened to share a crappy overcrowded train ride with while all trying together not to step on someone's dog, is part of their ordinary life. 
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When Purple comes back from a snack run with two of something, just in case I wanted one.
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Pear tree blossoms, and the particular blend of green and white when the leaves have just started to come in and the flowers have just started to fall. Kit's huge turtle-eating-strawberry smiles. Thunderstorms.
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You're following @subtlekid, right? We post a lot of them there. :)

We've only had one thunderstorm so far this season but it was splendid. Hoping for more.
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Passing encounters with children, and their parents and caregivers, that leave everyone smiling. In particular, the lovely Hispanic lady yesterday who decided I was safe enough to ask me if she could use my postage-stamp front yard to hide little treats for her seven-year-old twins to find.
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When the kids at the crossing guard insist on escorting me across, even though I am on old lady accustomed to dodging traffic like that frog in frogger.
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That's lovely. I had a woman once apologize for saying it to me (when she later found out from someone else that I was an atheist) and I assured here I LOVE it. Told her my pastor once said that blessed = happy, and I'm not sure that's true, but I'll take all the happiness I can get.
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This Jewish agnostic is less bothered by "have a blest day" than by just about any other casual theistic comment, including "bless you!" after sneezes. It's just so sweet.
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