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metaphortunate son ([personal profile] metaphortunate) wrote2016-05-03 12:54 pm

I am kinkshaming your weatherproofing supplies

You may remember that I made some pathetic efforts to silicone caulk around the back door recently, and the Junebug was fascinated; therefore, he easily identified what the handyman we saw out the train window this morning was doing.

"LOOKIT!" he announced loudly, to the entire train car. "HE HAS A CAULK GUN! MAMA, LOOKIT ALL THAT PINK CAULK!"

It was indeed, for some reason, possibly only for the amusement of those around small children, bright pink caulk.
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Bright colours on caulk, spray foam, etc, make it easier for the building inspector to visually confirm the the stuff has been applied as required. Ditto for a lot of other construction materials -- it's gaudy so you can tell it's there, and easily see gaps, holes, rips, etc.

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There are some products - such as spackle - that start out colored, then turn white when dry/cured. For some reason, pink is a popular color for this.
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Oh, very sensible!
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Thaat is glorious.
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See, this is one reason why being a parent (or, at least, being around children) can be awesome: it gives one occasion--and license--to laugh uproariously at things like that.
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"Kinkshaming Your Caulk" would be an AOK band name.