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metaphortunate son ([personal profile] metaphortunate) wrote2016-04-04 03:29 pm

question for my fangirls

Has a/b/o replaced Directed!verse?

(if you don't know what this means, please do not worry about it. If you choose to worry about it, the results are your own responsibility and none of my own.)
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I see a lot more of the former than the latter these days in the fandoms I'm in, and it does seem to fill a few similar niches in the larger kink ecology. I don't know whether I would say "replaced", though.
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I suspect that anyone new coming in that would have been inclined towards Directed would find a/b/o much faster and in greater numbers and probably write that instead.
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Yeah, this.
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[personal profile] jedusaur 2016-04-05 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
No, but I don't think d/s verses are called "Directed!verse" very much anymore, so they might be less searchable.
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[personal profile] snarp 2016-04-05 01:11 am (UTC)(link)
All fanfic has been cancelled except 1) coffeeshop AUs wherein one (1) character remembers actual canon and is Sad about it, and 2) stuff where one guy's got a respiratory ailment and another guy helps him get better.
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What [personal profile] norah said.
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I have never heard of Directed!verse, but a/b/o does seem to be fucking everywhere right now. It's frustrating because most a/b/o stuff hits a whole bunch of of my squicks. (Nevermind my annoyance that all this alpha wolf shit isn't how actual wolves work in the wild! I would really love to see a good werewolf!AU with real-world wolf pack dynamics.)
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this alpha wolf shit isn't how actual wolves work in the wild

Oh god, this drives me BATTY. About the only venue it irritates me more (because I can sort of handwave it as the human side needing hierarchy if I have to) is in dog training. Dogs do not work like that, good night!
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In hockey (where I read the most), there seems to be to be about equal amounts of a/b/o and d/s universes, but there's not any kind of Directed!verse. (There is, however, a hockey-centric universe where rookies are automatically made to be submissive -- "kneel" -- to veterans, and everyone seems to write it in at least once.)