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day and night

When Kid 1 is like: "No kisses. No hugs. No nose boops. Bye, don't touch me. I'm gonna shoot a cannon at you."

and Kid 2 is like: "Mama come here, I need to smooch you before you go. Are you sad? Do you want huggies?"

goddammit, I feel like an awful parent, but it is HARD not to have a favorite.

...that being said, there is something kind of nicely unworrying about a kid of whom you say to teachers, "Yes, he is irrepressible. We've tried to repress him, but it just doesn't take." Whereas with Kid 2, it's more like "please be careful of our extremely sensitive flower."
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I have two like that. At 11 and 8 the elder was accusing the younger of going round tricking people into doing things by being nice to them and the younger was accusing the elder of bossing people by imposing rules on them. At 14 and 11 they have got to "we are different and that is OK - but you are weird!"
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Wow, that is a real difference. How do they get along with each other?

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I am glad that one of them likes hugging you, though, because if both kids had personalities that tended towards "And now a cannon," it would be much harder, I think.
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So, it's like you're raising Rosa and Charles?
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Ah, joke not so much a joke if you don't watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Sorry! Rosa would rather remove her own spleen with a blunt spoon than show a warm emotion. Charles is 120% emotionally available.
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I got it. :P