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I figured out what it is

Fic authors I have all the time in the world for: the ones who take your standard rigidly gendered canon and subvert the shit out of it.

Fic authors who can get in the fucking sea: the ones who keep the eighty-five male characters from their male-dominated canon male and turn the one and only female character genderqueer.

Oh, speaking of fic, not especially queered but wonderful anyway: I'll write you harmony in c by magneticwave. Because Mary Bennet was a woman tragically born out of her right time.
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So many right times for women were tragically turned into not-right times by patriarchial mess, it occurs to me.... Although that's sort of beside your point.
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:( which fic are you referencing in ch. 2? I have read one road trip fic I actually really like that toally fits that description :/
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Thank you for pointing to magneticwave's Austenfic. Loved it. Hilarious, and I love fic that gives Nary a strong central place.
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That Mary/Crawford fic is really splendid. Thank you for the link!
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Great, great rec, thank you.
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It really sucks that people who want to write stories about female-presenting genderqueer characters don't have eighty-five options per canon to work with, and when they go with the one they've got they have to deal with hostile shit like this. Fortunately for you, fandom has gotten pretty good at tagging that sort of thing, so it's easy to avoid if it's not your bag.
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That Mary Bennet fic was spectacular. Thank you!